Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture


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Our broad-spectrum CBD blend is entirely THC-free, and is best used as a food additive so that you get the full benefits available but can also be used as a tincture. Our blend of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDV, CBC) is joined by MCT oil as the carrier oil. We chose MCT because it is a superior quality oil with a light taste and its own health properties. On its own it has been shown to help with memory issues, promote weight loss, helps to increase energy levels, can improve gut health, and more. It has a very light taste and we found it most satisfying of all the oils we tried.

Each bottle contains a total of 1800mg of CBD, which is either 60 (30mg) servings or 30 (60mg) servings.  Each dropper holds 60mg.