Food and CBD

What are the benefits of pairing food with CBD?

Researchers concluded that CBD should be taken with food to maximize absorption. A team of researchers conducted a study published in 2013 that assessed the effect that food has on the bioavailabilities (the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect) of both CBD and THC. The study concluded that the bioavailability tends to be four times higher in CBD products if they are taken after a meal instead of before or without.

 What kind of foods can I infuse with CBD?

Cannanoms original is as odorless and tasteless as possible so you can add it to the meal or drink of your choice. Its great in coffee or smoothies! However to get the most bang for your buck, it is highly recommended to ingest CBD with healthy high fats. Some foods rich in good fats are avocados, make some delicious guacamole. Or in a butter sauce you pour over a beautiful piece of cedar plank salmon. Steak and potato. Greek yogurt overnight oats. The possibilities are endless!!

What is the process to infuse my food with CBD?

Using the Cannanoms Food Upgrade can be as simple as adding the tincture to the top of your salad alongside whatever dressing you choose (or even stirred together before tossing the salad) or stirring it into melted butter for the top of a piece of chick or fish - but it is an MCT oil base.

So keep in mind that if you add it to a water based dish or beverage - think coffee - it will separate and sort of float on top. If you’re interested in making it a part of your morning that way, we recommend using your immersion blender to whip it up for just a minute. That will emulsify it and make it smooth and creamy for a morning bulletproof coffee. Essentially you can simply add this tincture to whatever you are eating. Just keep in mind that it is an oil base and take into account how that might work with whatever dish you’re planning to enjoy.